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Costa Rica map with 7 provinces, highlighting San José, Alajuela, Cartago, and Heredia provinces. Costa Rica outline map labeled with San José, Puerto Limón, Alajuela, Liberia, Paraíso, Puntarenas, and San Isidro cities.

The Map of Costa Rica Template includes two slides.
Slide 1, Country outline map labeled with capital and major cities.

Costa Rica is an important country in Central America. The population is over 5.1 million people. You can find the 2 neighboring countries along with this country in the North America continent, which are Nicaragua and Panama. Its capital and largest city is San José, other major cities including Puerto Limón, Alajuela, Liberia, Paraíso, Puntarenas, and San Isidro. It has been surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica Outline map label with cities

Slide 2, Country political map labeled with major administration districts.

Costa Rica is a country composed of seven provinces, San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Puntarenas, Limón, and Guanacaste. The most populated provinces are Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia and San José. Every individual political subdivision is an editable shape.

Costa Rica Political map label with major administration districts

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