Meeting Minutes template


The Meeting Minutes template in word format includes two versions. There are version one on agenda items and version two on decision makings and follow-ups. Our template for meeting minutes are useful tools to recording important things in the meeting, tracking what need to be done after that. We also provide other tools to make your work easy, such as Weekly Schedule Template, 2021 calendar monthly template, Gantt chart template , printable calendar 2019 template , printable calendar 2020 template, printable calendar 2021 template and May 2021 calendar template.

Version 1, Meeting Minutes template

Meeting minutes (abbreviation MoM), also called meeting notes, are the written record of everything that happened during a meeting, from the date, location, time spent, attendees, absent members, agenda items and people charged for each item. It is common for the secretary or assistant to record meeting minutes.

free Meeting Minutes template in Word format

Version 2, Meeting Minutes template

Meeting minutes are the notes that summarize what happened at a meeting, what people attend the meeting, which departments they are from. List the decisions have been made and describe the decisions in detail. Most important of all, it designates people for the follow-up of specific tasks and how is the schedule for them. So the persons in charged will push themselves to complete the actions. It is sooner than later for the recorder to send the Meeting minutes to everyone in the meeting including the absent members, reminding them the decisions and what is the follow-up actions.

free Meeting Minutes template in Word format

You can refer to MS office minute template.

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