Weekly Schedule Template


Our Weekly Schedule Template Printable in Microsoft PowerPoint is designed to strike a balance between your work and life for staff, your study and life for students. The printable day planners in PowerPoint format includes five slides, offering different styles of blank weekly calendar for your selection. Meanwhile you can also try our 2021 calendar template or 2020 calendar template to make your schedule to be easier. As the same series, please enjoy our Data Mining, Cloud platform, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and BlockChain, Digital marketing, Big data PowerPoint templates.

Slide 1, Daily Schedule Template

This Powerful Daily Schedule Template is preformatted to begin with six o’clock in the morning, extending to the six o’clock in the afternoon. You can plan in advance for the upcoming week, including important activities such as meeting, personal birthdays, flights or time to take exercises etc. If something is very important, you can highlight it by circle or mark in order not to forget it.


Slide 2, Weekly Schedule Template Printable

This wonderful Template in PowerPoint can enable students to book the time for their courses during the week, check for the available time for other events, leaving enough time for self-study, social practice, entertainment, and part-time jobs.


Slide 3, Monthly Schedule Template Printable with icons

It could be more interesting to use icons to notify you the special day during the weeks. What makes it to be mysterious is that only you know what the special day means if you need to place this five weekly schedule template in the office, the dormitory, or your notebook. It is not easy to remember all the things what should be done in fast changing weeks, our tool can help to relieve the pressure from your work or study, just keeping you informed of the most important thing during the week.


Slide 4, Printable day planners of one month

This monthly schedule template leaves much room for you to customize it, identifying the big events for the upcoming month in this upgraded weekly schedule template. Firstly you can put the date from beginning to the end of the month in the left corners. Then it comes to the events which you have scheduled to participate, putting them in the proper date blocks. Finally you have to take a look weekly to confirm everything is on track and you have prepared for them.


Slide 5, Monthly Schedule Template-2

This is the other style of weekly schedule template, informing you the important activities for the next four or five weeks. You can hide the background and add something you like to fit your applications, such as writing the month or the weeks to be ahead.


For other schedule templates, please refer to Microsoft Office Templates.

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