Maps of Texas: Top Cities and Attractions


Texas is known as the Lone Star State and is home to the magnificent Rio Grande, its longest river. The state is one of the largest in the US and is famous for cowboy myths, BBQ, music, and its capital – Houston.

Texas is an integral part of the South, and it is one of the most beautiful and historic places to visit in America or to explore if you are born there.

It has a lot of attractions, such as Austin, Houston, the river, and the border, and in our map of Texas, we will go over many of these famous landmarks as well as the top roads in the state of Texas.

How Big Is Texas?

Texas is known for its major cities, and overall, the state is well-populated. It has over 1,200 incorporated cities and over 400 towns. There is a lot to do when you look at your Texas map.

Map of Texas

Some of these towns are musical hubs of the world, like Austin, whereas some are quaint towns with communities that lead peaceful lives.

Let’s go through some of the most well-known cities that Texas has to offer.


Houston is one of America’s most popular and beloved cities and is known as the capital of space exploration, the energy industry, the place for exploring petroleum, and a lot more.

Where It Is

Near Galveston Bay and the Mexico Gulf in Southeast Texas, Houston is famous for its Space Center, parks, markets, museums, and more. Houston is one of the best places to go to and see in Texas, and there is a lot more the city has to offer – even more than the people there may know.

It is very worth checking the Space Center out in Texas and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Houston is highly regarded for its ties to space exploration, and some very unique sights are waiting for you here.

How Big Is Houston?

With a population of 2.313 million, it is the fourth largest city in the US and the largest city in all of Texas.

Facts About Houston

Houston is known for a lot of things, and it would be hard to single out a few, but the city has always had strong ties with science. It has the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the world.

It is a melting pot of culture – the first Hindu Mandir saw its construction in Houston, and it is the largest mandir in all of Texas.

Missouri City

Missouri City holds a lot of history about the state of Texas, going as far back as the 1800s and before. It is not a particularly large city, but it was the place where a lot of growth and development in Texas took place.









Missouri City is in eastern Fort Bend County, and a bit of the city delves into northern Harris County. It shares a border with Houston and a few other cities.

Though the city is not particularly large, it is largely surrounded by water, which adds to its presence and atmosphere.

What To Do In Missouri

There are lots of attractions in Missouri, such as the Texas Escape Room if you like solving puzzles with your friends, along with the constellation field, the exploration park, the Sugar Land Memorial Park, and more; there is enough in Missouri to warrant a day trip (or perhaps a weekend).

More About Missouri

Missouri was where the first Texas railroad began to operate; it started as a humble settlement but saw incredible economic growth in a short period.

It shares a brother-like relationship with its bordering city Houston – a lot of the first workers for the medical and space centers in Houston would come from Missouri City. 

Wichita Falls

The seat of government in Wichita County is home to the world’s smallest skyscraper, Lake Wichita, and many more wonderful attractions. Wichita Falls is a north-central city known for its tenacity and activities.

640px The Falls of the Wichita River Wichita Falls TX Picture 2217









South of the Oklahoma Border in North-Central Texas, Wichita Falls is a humid summer city in Wichita County, Texas. It can get as low as -12 F, and the city experiences stable rain and snow.

It was the first Texas city to have 100 days of summer and is primarily the principal city of the entire Wichita Falls Metropolitan Area. 

What To Do In Wichita Falls

Visit the Castaway Cove Waterpark, the Historic District, and see the smallest skyscraper in the world in Downtown Wichita; find antiques and history in the Kell House Museum, and learn all about Texas culture at the Kemp Center for Arts.

There is a fair bit to do in this charming little town, so it is worth a trip. 

More About Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls survived two devastating tornadoes, one of which was known as Black Friday, and the other as Terrible Tuesday.

Despite suffering both of these disasters, the city stands strong and tall – the locals well know it for its resilience. There is a lot of culture present in Wichita Falls.

It is also the starting point of West Texas as it begins just a few miles east of Wichita Falls, throughout Abilene and San Angelo, so you’re likely to pass by it when exploring!

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a small town east of Houston, but it holds Motiva Refinery, the biggest oil refinery in East Texas and in the United States.

Port Arthur







It is a quaint place, but it is along Sabina Lake, and it holds a lot of interesting sights and points of interest if you know where to look.


It is along the West Side of Sabina Lake, on the eastern edge of Jefferson County. Its city limits go south into the Sabine Pass, and around it are Port Neches and Nederland.

The city has always been prone to hurricanes and extreme weather and has tangled with natural calamities more than once before in its chequered past.

What To Do In Port Arthur

Despite how much it has suffered at the hands of the weather around it, Port Arthur is a town where you can easily pass a relaxing day.

The Sabine Pass Battleground State Historical Park is a wondrous landmark full of history and is a great place to go with family.

The Buu Mon Buddhist Temple is another place to check out while you are there, along with the Veterans Memorial Park and Bridge and Sea Rim State Park. 

More About Port Arthur

Port Arthur has been victim to multiple hurricanes, such as Audrey, Rita, Humberto, a tropical storm known as Édouard, hurricane Harvey, Laura, and a few more – the city has gone through many resettling projects despite a rocky beginning.

Today, it is a fine place to visit in southeast Texas, and you should definitely stop by if you get the chance.


The Lone Star State Capital – Austin is the crown state capital of Texas, and is a must-see if you are visiting the great state.


Austin is located in central Texas on the Colorado River, and it has a total area of 205.1 square miles, making it a large city.

Austin city







It is known for its 3 lakes and is a rich oasis with multiple traits of many climates – it is located at the cross between four key ecological areas.

What To Do In Austin

Visit Lake Austin – the only cable wakeboard park, Quest Park, water parks, the state Capitol, Lake Lady Bird, the network of various public pools, Mount Bonnell, and more – there is no end to the things you can see in Texas’s capital city.

It is surely one of the most-visited places in Texas!

More About Austin

Austin is one of the sunniest places in all of America. It averages around 300 days of sunshine per year.

Its charismatic vibe is only enhanced by it being a hub of music from all across the world. It has a lot of things unique to the city, such as The Cathedral of Junk, that you’d only find by going there and exploring. 

Other Well-Known Places In Texas

Texas is filled with all kinds of incredible places for sightseeing, and we will go through some of the most well-known spots that are a must-see on your southern journey.

Cedar Park

You probably have Austin on your list of Texas cities, but did you know that near it is Cedar Park? It is the 7th fastest largest growing city in the US, and it is well worth your time!

The H-E-B Cedar Park Center is one of the best entertainment spots in the Austin Area – the arena is where many popular hockey teams host their games, as well as the Austin Spurs, a popular NBA team.

Lake Travis is another great spot in Cedar Park, and the city has a lot of parks and trails you can visit, with over 30 miles of just hiking paths! The Brushy Creek Regional Trail is definitely one that needs to go on your Texas maps.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in all of the US, and it was the first civil settlement in Texas, founded in 1731.

San Antonio city





San Antonio is an incredibly fast-growing city with many popular attractions, including the River Walk, The Tower of The Americans, the Alamo Bowl, the Santonio Missions National Historical Park, and more.

San Antonio is a historical place – it is famous for its Spanish colonial missions, and the food culture in the city is bustling. You can find farm-to-market ingredients, enjoy sizzling BBQ, and a lot more. It is one of the best places to visit in South Texas!

College Station

College Station is a city that got its name from the train station west of A&M College. Texas’ first public academic institution of higher education, College Station is the home of one of the nation’s best universities, and this makes it an amazing place to visit for university students.

College Station is wonderful if you’re looking for work in Texas, or for things that a college student would want to be doing.

Kyle Field, Museum of the American GI, Santa’s Wonderland, and the Research Park are among the top places to visit in College Station!

Bay City

Bay City is known for its antiques, rivers, and bustling downtown – it is a place to go for coffee shops, market strolls, grocery trips, and picnic hangouts.

Bay City State Park holds lots of biking trails and ponds and is wonderful to visit in springtime. It is also home to a beautiful Birding Natural Center with a variety of gardens home to exotic wildlife.

Corpus Christi

Known as a humble coasting city, Corpus Christi is one of the most adventurous places to visit. It has all kinds of activities like kiteboarding, flying, sailing, and windsurfing, and it is a growing center of wind energy development.

Lake Jackson

First known as a company town, and taking its name from the nearby lake, Lake Jackson, also known as the “City of Enchantment,” has some pretty sights to see for the more photo-obsessed tourist.

Lake Jackson

Flickr Image by Tom Fowler LJTX

The beautiful marine Sea Center is one of the most photogenic spots there, and the historical museum of arts and science planetarium is one of the most interesting places in Texas.

One of the most beautiful places there is easily Mammoth Lake, which is also a perfect spot for scuba diving!

San Angelo

San Angelo is highly regarded for the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo – one of the largest rodeos in the entire country. The city is home to many military bases like Fort Concho, the Goodfellow Air Force Base, it is known as the Oasis of West Texas.

Final Thoughts

Texas has many big cities like Austin and Houston, and many small, charming salon towns like El Paso, San Marcos, Wichita Falls, and more.

Hopefully, this has made it clearer what the vast state of Texas holds, and why it is so loved and popular. There really is no shortage of things to do here, so plan it out, visit everything, and truly experience the grand South of the USA!