Chad Map with 23 Regions


The Map of Chad Template includes two slides. Chad map with 23 regions, highlighting N’Djamena (capital), Mayo-Kebbi Est, Ouaddaï, Logone Occidental regions. Chad map outline labeled with Mayo-Kebbi Est, N’Djamena, Ouaddaï, and Logone Oriental cities.

Chad, a landlocked country in north-central Africa, is home to a population of over 16 million people. The nation’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, livestock farming, and oil production, with challenges related to infrastructure development and economic diversification. Chad’s strategic location at the crossroads of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa has historically made it a key center for trade and cultural exchange.

The country shares its borders with Cameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, and Sudan. The Lake Chad basin, which the country partially borders, has also played a vital role in the region’s economy and ecology. Despite its economic potential, Chad faces significant development challenges, including poverty, political instability, and regional conflicts.

Slide 1, Chad map labeled with capital and major cities.

Its capital and largest city is Yaoundé and Douala respectively, other major cities including Moundou, Sarh, Abéché, Koumra, and Pala.

Major cities on Chad Map


N’Djamena, the capital and largest city of Chad, is a bustling urban center located along the Chari River. With a population of over 951,000, N’Djamena serves as the political and economic heart of the country. The city is a vital hub for commerce, administration, and cultural activities, reflecting Chad’s diverse social fabric and historical significance.

Chad map


Moundou, situated in the Logone Occidental region, is the second-largest city in Chad. With a population of over 137,000, Moundou is known for its growing urban center and economic activities, contributing to the region’s development and vibrancy.


Abéché, located in the Ouaddaï region, is a historically rich city with a population of over 97,000. The city’s cultural heritage, economic activities, and strategic location make it an important urban center in Chad’s northeastern region.


Doba, situated in the Logone Oriental region, is a city with a growing population of over 49,000. The city’s economic activities, urban development, and cultural heritage make it an emerging center in southern Chad.

Slide 2, Chad map labeled with major administration districts.

Chad map shows the country divided into 23 regions, Batha, Chari-Baguirmi, Hadjer-Lamis, Wadi Fira, Bahr El Gazel, Borkou, Ennedi-Est, Ennedi-Ouest, Guéra, Kanem, Lac, Logone Occidental, Logone Oriental, Mandoul, Mayo-Kebbi Est, Mayo-Kebbi Ouest, Moyen-Chari, Ouaddaï, Salamat, Sila, Tandjilé, Tibesti, and N’Djamena (capital). Every individual political subdivision is an editable shape.

Major regions on Chad Map

Mayo-Kebbi Est

Mayo-Kebbi Est, a region in southwestern Chad, is known for its diverse cultural heritage and natural landscapes. The region’s rich agricultural activities, including cotton cultivation, contribute to its economic significance and cultural vibrancy.

Chad map


Ouaddaï, located in the east of Chad, is an important region with a unique blend of ethnic diversity and historical heritage. The region’s cultural tapestry is reflected in its traditions, arts, and local communities, making it an intriguing area to explore.

Logone Oriental

Logone Oriental, situated in southern Chad, is characterized by its scenic beauty and traditional way of life. The region’s proximity to the Logone River and Lake Chad has historically influenced its economy and cultural practices, offering visitors a glimpse into Chad’s natural and cultural treasures.

In conclusion, Chad’s major cities and regions represent a tapestry of historical, cultural, and economic significance, each contributing to the country’s rich heritage and contemporary development.

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