Lebanon Map with 6 Governorates


The Lebanon Map Template includes two slides. Lebanon map with six governorates, labeling with major Governorates, Beqaa, Mount Lebanon, North Lebanon, and South Lebanon. Lebanon map labeling with national capital and major cities, Bayrūt (Beirut), Zaḥlah, B`abdā, Ţarābulus (Tripoli), and Ṣaydā (Sidon).

Lebanon, situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is bordered by Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south. With a population of approximately 6.8 million, it is known for its cultural diversity and historical significance, encompassing a mix of ethnic and religious groups.

Lebanon’s economy is characterized by a well-developed banking and financial sector, vibrant tourism industry, and a strong tradition of commerce and trade. Additionally, the country has a notable agricultural sector, particularly in the cultivation of citrus fruits, grapes, and olives, while also being a hub for arts, fashion, and cuisine in the region. However, political instability and regional conflicts have posed significant challenges to Lebanon’s economy in recent years.

Slide 1, Lebanon map labeled with capital and major cities.

Bayrūt (Beirut) is the capital and largest city as well, other major cities including Zaḥlah, Baabda, Ţarābulus (Tripoli), and Ṣaydā (Sidon).

Capital and Major Cities on Lebanon map

Bayrūt (Beirut)
Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon, is a vibrant and diverse urban center that serves as the country’s economic, cultural, and historical hub. With a rich heritage and a population of over 1.9 million, Beirut is known for its ancient history, modern architecture, and bustling commercial activities. The city’s resilience and cosmopolitan atmosphere make it a prominent destination for tourists, offering a blend of ancient ruins, vibrant nightlife, and a thriving arts and cultural scene.

Lebanon map

Zaḥlah, located in the Beqaa Governorate, is a significant city known for its historical importance and its position as a key agricultural and commercial center. It is renowned for its vineyards, agricultural products, and ancient ruins, attracting visitors with its historical and natural charm.


Baabda situated in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, is a major city with a population of approximately 78,145. It serves as an important administrative, commercial, and cultural center, contributing to the region’s economic and social development.

Ţarābulus (Tripoli)
Ţarābulus (Tripoli), located in the North Lebanon Governorate, is the second largest city in Lebanon, with a population of around 229,398. It is known for its rich historical heritage, bustling markets, and diverse cultural influences, making it a significant trading and economic hub in the northern region.

Ṣaydā (Sidon)
Ṣaydā (Sidon), situated in the South Lebanon Governorate, is a major city with a population of approximately 163,554. It boasts a rich historical legacy, ancient ruins, and a picturesque coastal setting, serving as an important commercial and cultural center in southern Lebanon.

Slide 2, Lebanon map labeled with major administration districts.

Lebanon map shows the country divided into six governorates; they are Beirut (Beirut), Mount Lebanon (Baabda), North (Tripoli), Beqaa (Zahleh), Nabatiye (Nabatiye), and South (Sidon). Two new governorates have been approved but not yet implemented: Akkar (from Akkar District) and Baalbek-Hermel (from Baalbek District and Hermel District). Every individual political subdivision is an editable shape.

Major Governorates on Lebanon map

Beqaa Governorate
The Beqaa Governorate, home to Zaḥlah, is an important region known for its agricultural productivity, historical significance, and economic contributions, particularly in the cultivation of vineyards and agricultural products.

Lebanon map

Mount Lebanon Governorate
The Mount Lebanon Governorate, encompassing B`abdā, is a significant area known for its administrative, commercial, and cultural prominence, shaping the region’s economic and social dynamics.

North Lebanon Governorate
The North Lebanon Governorate, with Ţarābulus (Tripoli) as a major city, is a key area known for its historical importance, diverse cultural heritage, and economic significance, particularly in trade and commerce.

South Lebanon Governorate
The South Lebanon Governorate, home to Ṣaydā (Sidon), is a crucial region known for its coastal charm, historical heritage, and economic contributions, influencing the region’s economic and social landscape.

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