map of eastern europe

Eastern Europe Map

The Eastern Europe Map template in PowerPoint format includes 5 slides. Firstly, we have the blank eastern Europe map. Secondly, we present the map...
world outline

World outline in 7 Projections II

As a writer and traveler, I’ve always been fascinated by maps. The way they represent the world in a single sheet of paper or...
world map outline

World Map Outline in 7 Projections

Exploring the World Map Outline: A Guide to Mercator, Robinson, Goode's Homolosine, Gall-Peters, Mollweide, Sinusoidal and Winkel Tripel Projections. You can learn World outlines...
Map of Strait of Malacca with cities on the Strait of Malacca map free templates

Strait of Malacca map templates

The Map of Strait of Malacca Template in PowerPoint format includes two slides. They are the blank Strait of Malacca map and Strait of...
Map of Kurdistan with cities on the Kurdistan map free templates

Kurdistan Map free templates

The Map of Kurdistan Template in PowerPoint format includes two slides, that is, the blank Kurdistan map and Kurdistan outline map with cities. Firstly,...



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