Texas County Map with 9 Slides


Slide 7, Texas State Senate Districts

Likewise, you can customize the blank and labeled maps for State Senate Districts, it is 31 Districts for the 2022 with PlanS2168. The 31 members who represent 31 separate geographical districts in the state. You can the detailed information from Texas Senate.

Texas senate district map

Slide 8, Texas Congressional Districts

The color Congressional District map is the chart showing 38 districts according to the PlanC2193. According to Texas Legislative Council, each district will have an ideal 2020 census population of 766,987.

Texas congressional map

Slide 9, Texas State Board of Education Districts

According to the authoritative statement, The State Board of Education (SBOE) sets policies and standards for Texas public schools. The board is made up of SBOE members elected from single-member districts. The map is showing the 15 Texas State Board of Education Districts. You can use this map to add the member’s names. It is said that Education district borders are redrawn every 10 years based on Ballotpedia.org.

Texas map


In addition to Texas counties, we also offer state county maps for states below.

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