Advertise with us was launched in November 2016 to help my audience easily find the most wanted country, world maps, and popular diagrams, and demonstrate them how to present their ideas and download them for different purposes. As at March 2018, the blog has had about 20k visits and over 40k page views from different countries of the world, including United State (27%), India (11%), United Kingdom (7%), Canada (3%) and Germany (3%). For traffic sources, over 90% comes from organic search.

The advantages of advertising on is that you can reach our targeted audience: Most of the audiences are business professionals, such as analysts, consultants, advisers, and designers. They use our templates in their reports, presentations and works, adding value to their products or services.

We are offering sponsorship opportunities in premium positions, and the monthly price in the brackets.

  1. Top horizontal Leaderboard (728X90): Next to the logo on left ($60)
  2. Sidebar buttons (125X125): Under or above the social icons ($40)
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Interested in advertising on Please contact us. I will get back to you within one business day.

Note that:

  • I will only consider PAID advertising inquiries. Emails asking for reviews or promotional exchanges will be ignored.
  • The quotation will change as the audience base growing.