Top 10 most populated China city map


The Top ten most populated China city map is for City of china with population over 10 million people, including Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Harbin, and Shijiazhuang. Our Top ten most populated city of China chart templates include ten slides below, showing China city map outlines.

Slide 1, Chongqing City, 35 million people

Chongqing is the largest municipality in southwest China. The neighboring provinces are Sichuan province, Shaanxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou and the autonomous region of Tibet.

chin city map

Slide 2, Shanghai City, 24 million people

Shanghai is the largest and traditionally the most developed city in East China. The neighboring provinces are Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

chin city map

Slide 3, Beijing City, 21 million people

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, which located in north China. Beijing has been the nation’s political, economic, and cultural center. The neighboring province is Hebei Province.

chin city map

Slide 4, Chengdu City of Sichuan Province, 18 million people

The city is the provincial capital of China’s southwest Sichuan Province, which is famous for pandas.

chin city map

Slide 5, Tianjin City, 15 million people

Tianjin is a municipality in China. Tianjin is a metropolis in northern China and one of the five national central cities of the People’s Republic of China. The neighboring provinces are Hebei Province and Beijing Municipality.

chin city map

Slide 6, Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province, 18 million people

Guangzhou City is the capital of Guangdong Province and an important commercial center in South China. It is located on the Pearl River and the core city of Pearl River Delta.

City of china

Slide 7, Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province, 12 million people

Shenzhen is located in the southern Guangdong Province, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. Neighboring regions are the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong.

City of china
Slide 8, Wuhan City of Hubei Province, 11 million people

Located in the central land of China, Wuhan is a large city and the capital of Hubei province.

City of china

Slide 9, Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province, 10 million people

As the capital and transportation center of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin is the largest city in the Northeast China.

City of china

Slide 10, Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province, 10 million people

Shijiazhuang is the capital and located in South Central Hebei Province.

City of china


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