World Cup 2026 Cities Map


The World Cup 2026 Cities Map template in PowerPoint format includes 17 slides. They are templates for the 2026 world cup host cities of 16 in the United States, Canada and Mexico: eleven sites are in the U.S., three are in Mexico, and two in Canada. As the same diagram PowerPoint template series, you can also find our Top 10 largest cities in California-2, California, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Carbon footprint, Carbon neutral, Data Mining, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain PowerPoint templates.

Slide 1, 2026 World Cup 16 Cities from U.S., Canada and Mexico

The 2026 World Cup will mark a new chapter in the tournament’s history. For the first time, the tournament will expand to feature 48 teams, up from the traditional 32. This expansion necessitates a larger hosting capacity, which brings us to the 16 diverse and dynamic cities chosen to host the world’s most-watched sporting event.

fifa world cup 2026 host cities

The United States, home to the lion’s share of host cities, will feature 11 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. These cities are renowned for their sporting culture and infrastructure, promising an unforgettable experience for players and spectators.

Slide 2/3, World cup 2026 cities- Atlanta and Boston

Atlanta, known as the ‘City in a Forest’, is a melting pot of culture and sports. The city is home to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which boasts a seating capacity of over 71,000. Then there’s Boston, a city steeped in history and sports. Its Gillette Stadium, capable of hosting over 65,000 spectators, will provide a thrilling atmosphere.

world cup 2026 cities

world cup 2026 cities