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The Timeline Template in PowerPoint format includes 8 slides. Firstly, we have the timeline template example for FIFA World Cup host countries, Industrial Revolution and Company History. Secondly, we present Timeline chart for Entertainment evolution and product life cycle (PLC). In the end it is project timeline template by monthly, weekly, and daily. As the same diagram PowerPoint template series, you can also find our Data Mining, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain PowerPoint templates.

Slide 1, Timeline template for FIFA World Cup host countries.

2022 is the 22nd World Cup year, which will be hosted by Qatar, Middle East of Asia. It is the first time that a World Cup football match will be held in the northern hemisphere winter and will be hosted by a country that has never been in the World Cup. It is also the second time that this grand event in Asia after KoreaJapan World Cup in 2002. In this slide, we use country outline to represent countries. Looking forward, the next World Cup will be held in North America by three countries, namely Canada, the United States and Mexico. In this chart, you can easily add or remove one item to fit your purpose.

Timeline template
Slide 2, PowerPoint Timeline Template for Industrial Revolution, from 1.0 to 4.0

The first industrial revolution began in the 1860s and originated in the central England. It refers to the early process of capitalist industrialization. Since the invention and use of machines became the symbol of this era, historians call this era “The Age of Machines”. Then it spread to the UK and even the entire European continent, and to North America in the 19th century, which promoted economic development. Human beings entered the “Electrical Era” and commenced the second industrial revolution. During the 1940s and 1950s, a new scientific and technological revolution began due to major breakthroughs in scientific theories, the formation of certain material and technological bases, and the needs of social development. This technological revolution is called “the third technological revolution, or Industry 3.0.”  Automation is the characteristic. The fourth industrial revolution is the era of using information technology to promote industrial transformation, that is, the era of artificial intelligence.

PowerPoint timeline template

Slide 3,  Timeline Template for Company History

As for the development of company, you can select important milestones to show the growth of this entity. When the company is small, the team is established to lead it. With the business is expanding, sales offices or factories to be set up in other key markets. Then it will witness the initial public offering in the stock market to raise money for further development. New product development or cooperation with third parties are some of the best practices to achieve rapid growth.

PowerPoint timeline template
Slide 4, Timeline Template for Entertainment

To be frank with you, I am not the person in the Entertainment industry. This slid just came from my mind that those items have experienced gaining popularity, then lost market share to new emerging ones as time went by. As the mobility has become the trend, people tend to enjoy themselves anywhere at any time.

timeline template PowerPoint

Slide 5, PowerPoint Timeline Template for PLC

PLC means product life cycle. The abbreviation is familiar to marketing industry because it is important to identify your product stage before adopting corresponding marketing strategy. In the introduction phase, the sales volume is low, and more money needs to be poured in advertising. When people come to know and accept the new product, sales volume can grow at a high rate. Then came the maturity stage, the volume has reached its peak and growth rate is flat. In the end the volume has decreased at a fast pace in the decline stage, new product should be introduced to replace the old one.

Timeline Template

Slide 6~8, Project Timeline Template

From the best industrial practice, we developed monthly, weekly, and daily templates for projects. You can select one of them and fine-tune to satisfy your requirement. All of them are tables, to be easily added or removed columns or rows, filled different colors, used icons to make your work funny. This project timeline template is related to our weekly schedule template.

project timeline template

project timeline template

project timeline template

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