SUPER BOWL with 8 Slides


Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Principle 2, it is eye-catching to apply editable maps rather than map images to show locations or label cities in PowerPoint template.

Super Bowl 51 will take place at NRG Stadium in Houston, home of the Texans. How to present the location of Super Bowl 51 in a vivid way? For slide 5, it is appropriate to use an outline map of Texas State and label the location of Huston city. You can fill the outline map  with color matching with the whole deck. You can place the text box location  within or the outside the outline of the state. As for street view, Google maps can play a role in street view. Search the Google maps with your address, then Print Screen to get the screenshot, finally tailor the image and decorate it.

Super Bowl

In slide “Host cities/region Review, 1967-2021”, the United States political map template is used to show the locations of host cities for Super Bowl. It is very interesting to show the number of host from 1967 to present for those locations. Bubble chart is better than digits to demonstrate the total numbers.

Resources as followed for PowerPoint template.

So How to get map templates for your PPTs? Yes, there are plenty of sources in the web to provide free county and subdivision outline or political maps. We highly recommend for tons of cost-effective premium maps available for your selection and customize maps for specific project or our website with totally free outline maps or political ones ready for use. Please give your accredit by giving a link like maps from

Super Bowl