Strait of Gibraltar country Outline map labeled with important cities along the strait.

Free Strait of Gibraltar Editable Map

Strait of Gibraltar Country outline map with 4 countries, they are Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Algeria, labeling 17 important cities along the strategic strait...
Macedonia Municipality map labeled with major statistical regions

Free Macedonia Editable Map

Macedonia Country political map with 80 municipalities, labeling major municipalities, Skopje (10 Municipalities combined), Kumanovo, Bitola, and Tetovo. Macedonia Outline map labeled with capital...
Croatia Political map labeled with major counties

Free Croatia Editable Map

Croatia map with 20 counties and the capital city of Zagreb, labeling major counties, City of Zagreb, Split-Dalmatia, Zagreb County, and Osijek-Baranja. Croatia Outline...
Greece Political map labeled with major regions

Free Greece Editable Map

Greece map with thirteen regions and one autonomous area, labeling with major regions, Attica, Central Macedonia, Thessaly, and West Greece. The country outline map...
Slovenia Political map labeled with major regions

Free Slovenia Editable Map

Slovenia Political map with 12 statistical regions, labeling with major regions, Drava, Central Slovenia, Savinja, and Upper Carniola. Slovenia outline map labeling with national...
Portugal Political map labeled with major administration districts

Free Portugal Map with 18 Districts

The Portugal Map Template includes two slides. Portugal map with 18 districts and two autonomous regions, highlighting main regions, Lisbon, Porto, Setúbal, Braga, and...
Italy Political map label with major administration districts

Free Italy Map with 20 Regions

The Map of Italy PowerPoint Template includes two slides, that is, the Italy outline map and Italy political map. Firstly, our Italy PowerPoint map...
Spain Political map labeled with major administration districts

Free Spain Map with 17 Communities

The Spain Map PowerPoint Template with two slides. Firstly, our Spain map PowerPoint templates have capital and major cities on it. Secondly, there are...


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