January 2022 calendar printable


The January 2022 calendar template in PowerPoint format includes 8 slides of different styles for monthly layout. It is important that you can strike a good balance between your life and work easily with the help of our great calendars. The calendar series templates including Printable calendar 2022 template, Printable 2022 calendar monthly template, Printable calendar 2021 template, 2021 calendar monthly template, Printable 2020 calendar monthly template, Printable calendar 2020 template, Printable calendar 2019 template, Printable calendar 2018, Calendar 2018 template, and Free 2017 Calendars PowerPoint Template.

Slide 1, Editable January 2022 calendar highlighting US holidays

It is the Professional and clean January day schedule template for you. The two federal holidays are January 1, New Year’s Day and January 17th, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. You can also make use of the blank space for notes in each day or just write them down below the calendar.

January 2022 calendar Printable

Slide 2,January calendar 2022 with blank box for notes

This style is the most popular one with numbers above, room for notes below. The other characteristic is you can also learn the ending days of last month or beginning days of next month in the same week. To plan your tasks early, it would make you work and life to be slotted with key things.

January calendar 2022

Slide 3, Calendar January 2022 with blank boxes and special section for notes

It is similar to slide 2 but with a special section for your key notes for this month. It would be something you will keep it in mind and looking for a good timing to do it. Such as things like a phone call or an on-site visit, an interview for vacancy.

Calendar January 2022

Slide 4, December 2021 January 2022 calendar

This style is very common for most occasions. 2021 has come to an end and the new 2022 is coming. The busiest season has pushed a lot of people under pressure to hit the target and set the new one for next year.

December 2021 January 2022 calendar

Slide 5, Jan 2022 calendar chart in the first quarter

In the first Quarter of 2022, you can identify important milestones in the three months including January. We also reserve section for key notes for every month of the quarter. Also there is ending days of December and beginning days of April.

Jan 2022 calendar

Slide 6, Jan 2022 calendar chart in the first four months

Like slide 5 the slide has the same structure but extend the time to four months.

Jan 2022 calendar

Slide 7, Calendar 2022 January for black and white style

This is for eco-friendly friend, because you just need the day’s calendar in black and white. For the last month of 2021 and the first month of 2022.

Calendar 2022 January

Slide 8, 2022 January calendar with Monday first style

Unlike the 1~7 slides, Monday comes first. So please to use it carefully, when you make your schedule in this first month of 2022.

2022 January calendar

For detailed pls refer to Simple Wikipedia.

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