Albania Map with 12 Counties


Our Albania Map Template in PowerPoint format includes two slides, that is, the Albania outline map and Albania political map. Firstly, our Albania outline map template has capital and major cities on it, which are Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë, Shkodër, and Elbasan. Secondly, there are 12 Counties in our Albania political map template of divisions, labeling the most populated divisions that are Tirana County, Fier County, Elbasan County, and Durrës County.

Slide 1, Albania map labeled with capital and major cities.

Our Albania map is for the country in Southeastern Europe. For one thing, the neighboring countries are Montenegro from the northwest, Kosovo from the northeast, the Republic of Macedonia from the east, and Greece from the south and southeast. Furthermore the country has a coastline on the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the southwest. As Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania, furthermore, other major cities including Durrës, Vlorë, Shkodër, and Elbasan. Owing to our Albania map slide has the capital and major cities on the outline. Accordingly users can remove cities or include new ones to create their unique Albania maps and apply in different docks.

Albania map
Albania Outline map

Slide 2, Albania map labeled with major regions.

The Albania map is the country political division of 12 administrative counties. They are Berat County, Dibër County, Durrës County, Elbasan County, Fier County, Gjirokastër County, Korçë County, Kukës County, Lezhë County, Shkodër County, Tirana County, and Vlorë County. What is more, every individual political subdivision is an editable shape. Therefore you can change the texts, colors, sizes, highlight some map shapes, and add your icons or diagrams. At the same time you can also refer to the fully labeled Albania map in Wikipedia. As a final point, analysts from marketing research companies, consultants from professional firms have appreciated our efforts greatly; because our maps can assist them achieving effective communication.

Albania map
Albania Political map

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