most populated city in world

The most populated city in the world 11-20

The most populated city in world series II 11.Karachi, 12.Chongqing, 13.Istanbul, 14.Buenos Aires, 15.Kolkata, 16.Lagos, 17.Kinshasa, 18.Manila, 19.Tianjin, 20.Rio De Janeiro. Explore the beautiful...
pokemon go type chart

Pokemon type chart template

The Pokemon type chart Template in PowerPoint format includes six slides. They are the combination of icons, words, and numbers to show the effectiveness...
Printable April 2021 calendar template

April 2021 calendar template

The April 2021 calendar template in PowerPoint format includes 6 slides of different styles for monthly layout. With the assistance of our calendar template,...
Gantt Chart diagram for excel or just PowerPoint template, for 2, 3, 4 weeks with or without weekends.

Gantt Chart with 8 Slides

The Gantt Chart Powerpoint Template in PowerPoint format includes six slides. Firstly we have the free Gantt chart templates with Excel data. Secondly we...
Weekly Schedule Template for the week with icons to represent events

Weekly Schedule Template

Our Weekly Schedule Template Printable in Microsoft PowerPoint is designed to strike a balance between your work and life for staff, your study and...
Carbon Footprint PowerPoint template with icons

Carbon Footprint Template

Our Carbon Footprint template is designed with icons to describe the sources of Carbon Footprint, Greenhouse gas emissions or reductions by human beings, Carbon...
National Diamond model PowerPoint template

National Diamond model Template

Michael Eugene Porter is an American academic known for his theories on economics, business strategy, and social causes. He is credited for creating great...
United States Map with highlights on key states, such as exas, California, Florida, Illinois and New York.

United States Map template

The United States Map with states Template in PowerPoint format includes six slides. It is about the infographic of present the country as a...
Coronavirus map infographic for World map

Coronavirus impact infographic

The Coronavirus impact infographic 2.0 Template in PowerPoint format includes three slides. Firstly we demonstrate the world map by the size of three cases...
What is Business intelligence? Give a rough idea of this conception.

Business Intelligence infographic

The Business Intelligence infographic in PowerPoint format includes five slides. Firstly we explore what is Business Intelligence? Then are the three levels of the...


5G PowerPoint template with icons

5G Network Template

General Data Protection Regulation with Data Processors on the GDPR PowerPoint templates

GDPR compliance template

SWOT Analysis Template Powerpoint

Free SWOT Analysis Template


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